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Do radio stations coordinate commercials?

The operation of a radio station is based on the emission and reception of electromagnetic waves of the wavelength corresponding to the radio. The electromagnetic spectrum is very broad and ranges from gamma rays to microwaves. The radio waves are between the microwaves and the infrared spectrum. The music and all the sounds that the human being hears are within the mentioned spectrum. The original sound is picked up by a receiver which can be a microphone. Then that information is encoded and broadcast from a transmitting antenna.

The fact is that the radio stations do not charge anything from the people who are listening to it. Instead, they generate profits from the advertising they sell, the special events they offer, and the syndication of their most popular programs and in some cases the special services they offer to other radio stations. So the verdict is that yes radio station coordinates the commercial, get them on air and in return they make a worthy amount from the companies or the organizations. Outdoor advertising represents the highest income for a radio station.

What the radio stations do is that they put up for sale the air to the companies, organizations and the institutes and ask for the messages that they want to share with the clientele. These commercials are on air in the idle time, however, for peak hours and the length, the price varies. The positioning of each ad can have an impact on its value, those that are transmitted immediately after the announcer announces the commercial break or those that are just before the program airs again have higher costs.

Nonetheless, at times the commercials are also read by the radio professionals in sort of announcements as it is believed that the people may pay more concentration whilst their favourite RJ is speaking!

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