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How to mixing vocals

Mix a voice, the vast majority of the time can be a complicated process if you are just starting in the world of mixing. If you already have a little more experience, you may already have a little more path travelled, but nevertheless, depending on many factors, the process can be affected equally by a mishandling of techniques.

How to Mixing Voices with high quality

Balance - Are all your tracks properly balanced? Adjust the volume of each track to the level that feels right. Notice that the instrumental rhythm behind your vowels is at the correct level as well.

Main Voice - If you make current music, most of the time you want your main voice to be very present. Make sure you are NOT trying to listen to the lyrics in the main voice. Extra Tip: It is not always something of the volume, watch your equalizer and make a place for your vocal.

Listen several times - Listen to your mix in as many different speakers as possible. It helps to have two or three sets of speakers in your studio, but if you do not have them, bring your mix to the car. Listen to it in headphones and in earphones. Find the scariest speaker you have available and listen to your mix there. If your mix sounds good on different speakers, chances are you've made a good mix.

Compare - Find an industrial song that has a similar role and listens to it. If you want to compete with the "Big Fish" you will have to sound like one of them. Comparing your material with that of a professional will really help you put things in perspective for you. You may feel that many hours of mixing voices are disgusting after this. do not give up, you may only need some corrections to make your song sound the same quality. Pay attention to the details.

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