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What is the effectiveness of radio commercials?

The radio is one of the media that has time to the public. Also, it goes through a stage of modernization that has become slow compared to the music industry. When considering it, it is reported that the advertising investment of the Internet radio reached 1.287 million last year. The radio persists as a means of communication in force, and as an advertising channel. One of the peculiarities of advertising on the radio is that it is dedicated exclusively to one sense and is optimized precisely in this sense: the ear. Since it is only heard, it should be made attractive to the ear to maximize the results. It is an interesting advertising form for businesses and SMEs, and above all because it needs fewer resources for its implementation than an advertisement.

The important points:

There are two important points in radio advertising, and they must be those that are going to be planned at the moment of their start-up, and they are sound and imagination. Advertising must be attractive in a sonorous way (not visual) and must be imaginative to attract potential clients. In addition, the voice of the person who is going to announce the company or the product will be very important.

Some of the strengths of the ads on the radio are:

  • Advertising is more segmented and geographically limited so that you access the public you want to access.
  • A good combination of sound with advertising message creates greater effectiveness.
  • People usually go to work by car or in stores where the radio is listened to.
  • In the radio, it is very difficult for a person to change stations when the advertising messages are produced, so that all the people who listen to the radio at that moment listening to the announcement, on how good it will depend on its effectiveness.
  • With imagination and personalization, you can reach many listeners, who can also promote through word of mouth.
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