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Who is responsible for scheduling commercials on a radio station?

One of the resources that companies tend to advertise is the radio, especially if it is a local business since it is a form of advertising that usually extends in certain geographical areas. Although there are other advertising media that attract more attention such as advertising on television, which is more expensive, or on the internet, which is cheaper but is generally less segmented, radio is a very effective and expanded communication channel more than what do you think? Although people prefer television over the radio, both in the car and in companies, the trend is more towards the use of radio as a form of accepted entertainment.

There are three well-known advertising forms on the radio:

  • The wedges. They are perhaps the best known; they occur between programs and are paid for duration and repetition. For an advertising wedge to be effective, it must be repeated a lot throughout the day.
  • Advertising space. Radio programs can sponsor companies or products in the program itself, usually with the voice of the speaker presenting it.
  • Words. Announcements that the speaker emits!

The radio producer:

It's very simple, without a radio producer, the programs simply cannot exist. Your participation in the creation of the content of a radio program is vital. The producer brings together all the different elements necessary for a program, which guarantees that the transmission is of a sufficiently high quality and complies with all the applicable broadcasting standards. The radio producer’s work through different types of programming, styles, musical genres and rhythms based on the voice and the size of the station, so it is a very varied work. Also, they are responsible for the commercials and their scheduling!

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