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  • Do radio stations coordinate commercials?

    13 March 2018

    The operation of a radio station is based on the emission and reception of electromagnetic waves of the wavelength corresponding to the radio. The electromagnetic spectrum is very broad and ranges from gamma rays to microwaves. The radio waves are between...

  • How to write good radio spots

    13 March 2018

    Advertising on the radio continues to be a huge source of generating profitable contacts, especially in these times of slow economic growth for small and medium-sized businesses. The first thing you have to know is that the success of any radio advertising...

  • What is the effectiveness of radio commercials?

    13 March 2018

    The radio is one of the media that has time to the public. Also, it goes through a stage of modernization that has become slow compared to the music industry. When considering it, it is reported that the advertising investment of the Internet radio reached...

  • How to mixing vocals

    13 March 2018

    Mix a voice, the vast majority of the time can be a complicated process if you are just starting in the world of mixing. If you already have a little more experience, you may already have a little more path travelled, but nevertheless, depending on many...

  • Who is responsible for scheduling commercials on a radio station?

    13 March 2018

    One of the resources that companies tend to advertise is the radio, especially if it is a local business since it is a form of advertising that usually extends in certain geographical areas. Although there are other advertising media that attract more...